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Stay Afloat Tee

Stay Afloat Tee

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If our furry climate ally can keep fighting, so can you.

Leading the way in the fight against rising tides, sea otters maintain the underwater kelp forests that trap carbon dioxide. Sea urchins find nutrition in the giant kelp found along the Pacific coast. If left unchecked, these urchins, along with other invertebrates devour the healthy kelp forests that help combat the sea level rise. By managing the sea urchin populations, otters contribute to the health of our planet and our ecosystems. Amidst all their hard work, sea otters find a way to stay afloat. 

Coordinates: Miami, Florida


Made for supreme softness, our tees feature a premium ring-spun cotton fabric. With vibrant prints highlighting key environmental issues, these tees deliver both comfort and style.

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