Meet Our Founder

Meet our founder, Massimo Soto. A 17 year-old creative with a passion for environmentalism and change. In 2019, Massimo discovered the distressing story of Costa Rica. Although Costa Rica is widely considered the most sustainable country on the planet, Costa Rica is facing the adverse effects of other countries' lack of care for the environment. As major countries continue to produce astonishing amounts of carbon dioxide, smaller more sustainable countries are paying the price in the form of rising seas.

In April of 2021, Massimo spent 10 days traveling across Costa Rica producing a film and documenting this very story.

Award-Winning Film

After meeting with marine biologists, hotel owners, conservationists, tourism officials, educators and countless others, Massimo developed a holistic perspective on the issue and spoke across the country at film festivals where Below the Rise had won. However, in retelling the destruction and the devastating stories he'd witnessed first hand, Massimo realized he had to do more.

After finishing the film, Massimo began working on a new solution, a significantly bigger one.

Designing a Brand

Massimo began developing designs based on his experiences. These designs detailed the causes & effects of the sea level rise in a minimalistic fashion. The designs turned into premium tees and soon enough, a brand was formed. From displaying the affected wildlife to the heated oceans, the tees bring aid, awareness, and change in the form of a feature sustainable apparel brand called

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